Friendly City Gives Back With Bi-weekly Food Pantry Donations

DSC00579Another way Friendly City is able to give back to the community is through twice weekly donations of food to the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Food Pantry and Mercy House. Produce, vegetables, pre-made salads and sandwiches, which are not sellable in the store, are donated to help feed those in need. Other produce, not good enough to donate, is used as compost by New Community Project’s Vine and Fig. Some of the resulting produce is then sold back to Friendly City Food Co-op, to complete the sustainable cycle.

Friendly City Community Fund

Friendly City has donated or contributed to over 50 different groups and organizations in support of wellness, biking, nutrition, disease prevention, hunger issues, the arts, and nonprofits that contribute to the needs of less fortunate children and adults.

Since opening in June 2011, Friendly City has been giving back to the community whenever we can. Now we’re looking to keep giving, but in a bigger way. You can find a donation application by clicking here. Please take note of the application deadline and make sure to apply at least one month before your event. We will look at donation requests on a case-by-case basis and allocate donations as fairly and equally as possible over the course of our fiscal year so that we may support as many local organizations as possible. All questions can be directed to marketing by phone (540) 801-8882 or e-mail at

Friendly City reserves the right to donate a balance less than the requested amount. Application deadlines will be strongly adhered to and Friendly City will not accommodate late requests. Recipients must agree to providing or having a photo taken to be used electronically and in print.

You Can Give Back Too – Give Fresh!

Fresh fruits and vegetables are important to a healthy diet, but they are not always within reach of everyone. You, our owners and shoppers, let us know how important it is to have local and organic produce on more tables in our community. In response, we initiated the Give Fresh program- you donate any amount from $1 up, and it goes to purchase local or organic fresh fruits and vegetables for those who need them most. This is accomplished through our local food pantries.
You can make donations as often as you like or are able – we’re committed to Give Fresh as long as we can to keep fresh fruits and veggies on our neighbor’s tables.