Download the Ownership Application

Click the button below to download the Ownership Application. Please bring your filled out application with payment into the store during regular business hours.

Important Notes: Please read the full document carefully. The share is 100% at risk for this business venture; there is no guarantee you will receive back all or any portion of this investment. While partial payments are permitted (for example, two payments of $100 over two months, or $50/month over 4 months), the full amount ($200 minimum) must be listed on the first page of the subscription (stock) document. No voting rights are obtained until payments have been completed. All members (share owners) must be residents of Virginia; no one outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia is permitted to become a member because we are exempted from certain Virginia securities regulations under the condition that we not make a general offering, but only an oering to residents of Virginia. After we receive your papers, we will sign the document and send you a receipt. We retain the original document. As a new member, you will be kept up to date on progress of the cooperative and notified of member meetings and important information. Attendance at the annual member meeting is not required, but encouraged as we must have a quorum of members to be able to hold meetings.