Download the flyers here before you shop!

You can also find them in the grocery store cashier areas so you can take advantage of all the awesome savings the Co-op has to offer.

How to Save Money

There are many ways to save money at the Co-op. Here are just a few.

  • There are store coupon books with Fresh Deals and Co-op Deals located at the entrance to the grocery store and the checkout area.
  • Owners may also download the Owners Extra Coupon. Not an owner yet? Find out how!
  • Another way to save money at the co-op is to look for our grocery store value line of Co+op Basics. For example, our Field Day products include everything from cereals and paper towels to salad dressings and cookies, and they all offer a healthy discount.
  • Buy from our Bulk foods section. Not only do you buy only what you need, but you don’t pay extra for packaging.
  • At Friendly City Food Co-op, you have the opportunity to discover food and products that are better for you and better for the world. In an effort to provide more competitive pricing for our customers, Friendly City Food Co-op is happy to accept coupons.

Friendly City Coupon Policy

We’re happy to accept:

  • Coupons that are in date and the product or purchase requirements have been met
  • One Manufacturer’s and one Store Coupon that do not exceed the purchase price of the item
  • Internet Coupons with legible bar codes
  • Coupons that appear to be legitimate manufacturer’s coupons, but not over a $5.00 amount

Friendly City Food Co-op reserves the right to refuse any coupon for any reason.